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Sales Ideas

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AIG Annuity Playbook


Corebridge (AIG) - Life insurance Resources - Extensive library of sales ideas, product brochures, and training videos.

Corebridge (AIG) - Life Insurance Awareness Month Materials

Securian - Life Insurance as a Financial Tool (LIFT)

Securian - Business Owner Life Design (BOLD)

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Pacific Life

Life Sales Ideas

Key Person - ROP

Individual Sale - ROP Policy Review Guide Policy Review Worksheet 

Life Insurance Butterfly

 Annuity Sales Ideas

Legacy planning WITHOUT life insurance

Annuity Maximization / Pension Maximization #1

Annuity Maximization / Pension Maximization #2

Long Term Care Planning Sales Ideas

Using an individual IRA for joint lifetime LTC coverage
Getting a 10% bonus on IRA's used for LTC