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It's About Experience Wholesale Annuities & Insurance
Compare pricing and submit a life insurance application in less than 10 minutes
Compare pricing and submit a life insurance application in less than 10 minutes
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Annuities Annuities The information you need to help your clients make the best financial decisions. LEARN MORE Life Insurance Life Insurance Over 30 highly regarded insurance companies - we find the life insurance policy your clients need. LEARN MORE Long-Term Care Insurance Long-Term Care Insurance Extensive knowledge of long-term care policies to most closely address all of your client’s needs. LEARN MORE Disability Insurance Disability Insurance Wholesale disability insurance plans from highly regarded insurance companies so you can offer your clients more. LEARN MORE
Real Support Real People With our support system of real people doing your legwork, you can spend more time in the field. Our personalized, all-inclusive service provides you with:
Back Office
Marketing Support
& Materials

Leading FMO / IMO Serving the U.S.

Retirement, Investment Income Options for Your Clients

U.S. Marketing Corporation is a leading national distributor of financial and insurance products, wholesale and retail. With a strong emphasis on personalized service, we offer tools, training and consulting to financial institutions and investment professionals. You’ll always have the backup and support you need.

Wholesale Financial Products Means Better Rates

We specialize in wholesaling and retailing annuities, life insurance, long-term care, and disability insurance at brokered rates from an extensive selection of providers. U.S. Marketing Corporation arms you with every tool you’ll need to deliver the best service to your clients. We want your clients to be financially literate. This is why we provide you with tailored, up-to-date information about:

  • Estates and Trusts
  • Tax Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Cash Management
  • Retirement
  • Investing

Top-Level Agent Resources Make Your Job Easier

With our support system of real people doing your legwork, you can spend more time in the field. Having access to incredible brokerage resources, financial education and major carriers within one agency makes your job simpler. We offer internal underwriting and superior agent service to give you a high level of sophistication and confidence. Be confident your clients will receive an unmatched level of care and resolution. Our goal is to make your life as an agent easier, so you can help your clients meet their goals.  

Our personalized, all-inclusive service provides you with Back Office Support

  • Advanced Planning
  • Marketing Support and Materials
  • Sales Tools
  • Contracting, Licensing & Commission Assistance

When you need a company big enough to provide all the resources you need, yet small enough to give you the personal attention you want, U.S. Marketing Corporation is the right choice.

Annuity Resources for Investment Agents

Most of your clients have the same retirement goal: generate enough wealth to maintain their current lifestyle throughout retirement. Careful planning is essential, especially with challenges such as life expectancy, inflation and market risk.

There are high-risk products with high-ceiling potential, but running the risk of losing money may not be worth it. Contrarily, lower risk, guaranteed interest options exist, but the ceiling is low and the interest-crediting potential is not there. Annuity options containing both protection and high potential exist between the two extremes.

Funded by the purchaser (your client), annuities are contracts with insurance companies designed to meet retirement and other long-term financial goals. Annuities can help protect against the risk of living well into old age due to lifetime income options.

If you and your client decide an annuity is the best route to their goals, we provide information and support to help make the decision between fixed, indexed or variable annuities simpler.

U.S. Marketing Corporation is your number one resource for sales support. We always keep you up to date on industry changes and product improvements so you have the appropriate tools to help your clients meet their financial goals.

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